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Become an affiliate and capitalize on the EXPLOSIVE sales of online medical sales.

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You can get paid for any order you generate from your website or by simply linking to us.

Partner Program

You can sign up for our partners program and choose the template you want for your website and the files will be ready for you in minutes. This is the most advanced affiliate program in the net.

We will give you your cost of each product and you can set the retail pricing, you keeps the difference. We can set wherever pricing you want.

If you prefer you can just link to our website and we will pay you 20%-30% of each generated order.

Money Making Potential:

* A low traffic site can make between $400 to $1000 per month.
* A medium traffic site can make between $3500 to $8000 per month.
* A heavy traffic site can expect $10000+ per month. Top Affiliates make a minimum of $15,000 per month.
* Secure transactions
* Real time stats
* Weekly reports
* Low and competitive fees
* You can use your own order system and database or ours
* Free to join and free set up (if you use our pricing structure)
* No monthly fees. You pay only for the orders we process.
* Increasing payouts based on performance
* Your customers are life time

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